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Are you all set for tomorrow night? Got amazing things planned to start your 2012? Or will you do it like me and sleep into the new year? We're leaving at 5.00 in the morning and have a 12 hour flight trip ahead of us. With a two year old - so we need to be fresh and full of energy.

If you are hosting a NYE party or dinner, here's some last minute inspiration for you:

Beautiful New Year's Eve wedding inspiration spotted on Green Wedding Shoes [by Nbarett Photography & Lavender Joy Weddings]. Can you spot two of our favorite 2011 trends in this?

I think a NYE wedding is a splendid idea! The night is always filled with huge expectations and people ask months ahead in time what you've got planned for nye. Getting married seems a perfect way to start a new year. And for the future you will always have a wonderful reason to celebrate the night either with friends and family or just the two of you.

A lovely turquoise, white and silver setting using christmas ornaments and decor featured on The Sweetest Occasion. Find out how to make a sparkling banner like that right here.

If these settings are to elaborate and time-intensive for you so close to the party, use the banner idea by itself (image & styling by A Field Journal) or use some shiny confetti and sparklers (image by Sad Ferret on flickr) to add a little something extra to your setting.

Or use some of our very own and totally simple DIY ideas we shared over on Ruffled - make a sparkling, floating "2012" from foil curtain and cardboard, some easy confetti poppers, tinsel decor and get our free New Year's wish printables as a little extra for your party guests.

See you tomorrow for our last post in 2011!



  1. Hi, thanks for posting... We love our sparkle shoot!


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  2. I love it!!! I spent New Years with my family...which was NICE...but some glitter would have been fun too :)

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