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2011 was filled with so many pretty trends in wedding and event design, home decor and crafts that it was seriously hard for us to pick our favorites. We loved how the web was filled with gorgeous, colorful, glittering and shiny inspiration. There were a range of trends that stood out to us in the end. Here they are (in no particular order):

Chevron was really big in 2011, especially during the summer months. You could see lots of textiles for home and events with the cute pattern. It popped up on stationery, furniture, even on wedding cakes. We love how it adds a bit of whimsy to an event or a space, without making it tacky or kitschy.

[Top row: via DesignSponge by Gabriel Ryan Photography, middle row: Chevron bath mats, chevron chair, bottom row: Invitations by Wiley Valentine, via OnceWed, images by Braedon Photography]

We always enjoy beautiful calligraphy, but this year hand-lettering appeared everywhere in many different forms. Instead of the usual slanty, script calligraphy look, many designers created lovely hand-lettered works in quirky or rustic serif fonts. If you like this trend as much as we do, check out Jon Contino and Mary Kate McDevitt's pages for some more eye candy.

[Top row: Mary Kate McDevitt, gold & plum via 100 Layer Cake, calligraphy: Amon Design Studio, photography: The Nichols, bottom row: Jon Contino for CXXVI Clothing Co., Window decals by Attik72, via DesignSponge]

Oh, how we love the fringe trend! So simple, yet so effective. Inspired by the masters of all tassels and fringe decor, Confetti System. The best thing about this is that one can create large decor pieces and backdrops in little time. We really hope that this trend will stay with us for a long time.

[Top row: Fringe chevron backdrop by A Beautiful Mess, Colorful fringe garlands via Green Wedding Shoes, photography: Chelsea Patricia, middle row: Fringy wedding garlands by Bash Please, Tassels: Confetti System, Bottom row: Fringe wedding ideas by Confetti System for Martha Stewart Weddings, via 100 Layer Cake]

Ombre colors popped up everywhere in weddings and events this year. From watercolored stationery and paper products over dip-dyed fabrics and linens to ombre colored wedding cakes and centerpieces - it was used everywhere. And almost every single time, the effect is simply beautiful. Again, this is such an awesome trend, because everybody can use it and create big parts of their wedding or event without professional help. And for that reason, it'll probably stick around for a while. Which is lovely, of course.

[Top row: Ombre cake via Style Me Pretty, DIY ombre dyed escort cards via OnceWed, middle row: Hand-dyed napkins DIY on OnceWed, bottom row: Ombre florals on DesignSponge, DIY watercolor party cups by Love & Lace]

Glitter, shine & sparkle - another trend we adore and that we hope to stick with us for a long time. This year, almost everything could be transformed into event decor by spray-painting it golden or covering it with glitter! We spotted lots of glittery table linens, shiny foil curtains, sparkling garlands and a lot more. So much eye candy for our girly hearts! If you love this trend too, check out some more inspiration right here on our blog.

[Top row: Sitting in a tree 1 & 2, middle row: Confetti System, Martha Stewart , bottom row: Odessa May's swizzle sticks, glittery table setting by Kellie Kano via Elizabeth Anne Designs]

Another DIY trend that appeared everywhere throughout the year: paper flowers in all shapes and sizes from tissue paper, crepe and card stock were used for table decor, backdrops, even as wedding bouquets. We especially loved the use of paper flowers in this hand crafted wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake (please check it out, all the details are amazing!).

[Top row: Fresh in Love Photography via 100 Layer Cake, bottom row: Giant paper flowers by The House That Lars Built, Pink & kraft paper flower backdrop via Somewhere Splendid by Simplesmente Branco and Pinga Amor]

We had to include the mason jar trend. It's been around for a while, but this year it could be spotted in just about every DIY wedding in various forms: as vases, chandeliers, drinking glasses, candle holders.
Some may be a bit sick of this trend, just because it IS everywhere. But what's not to love about such a versatile little thing as a mason jar? - It's inexpensive and versatile, and we love that it's ok not to invest loads of money in buying / renting vases or other vessels for table decor.

[Top: Beth Helmstetter Events, photography: Jonas Peterson, middle row: gold mason jar by Myka of Sitting in A Tree on The Glitter Guide, mason jar drinks via Green Wedding Shoes, rainbow cake in a jar: Brooke McLay on Babble, bottom row: mason jar chandelier by BootsNGus on etsy, Mason jar floral arrangements via Style Me Pretty]

One of our very favorite trends of this year were wild, lush flower arrangements made from wild berries, twigs, apples and wild greens mixed with gorgeous florals. Beautiful! Check out the porfolios of saipua, Amy Osaba or Honey of a Thousand Flowers if you wanna see more. Their work is amazing!

[Top row: Painter arrangement via OnceWed, Nordic winter floral arrangement by Honey of A Thousand Flowers via Ruffled, photography: Leo Patrone, middle row: SaipuaHoney of A Thousand Flowers, bottom: via OnceWed, flowers by The Nouveau Romantics, image by Robert Sukrachand]

These are our favorite trends of 2011. What are yours?

[Viime vuosi oli täynnä ihanani trendejä. Suurimmat trendit kuten Chevron, hand lettering, hapsut, liukuvärjäys, kimallus, paperikukat, lasipurkit ja rennot kukka-asetelmat veivät meidän ja monen muun sydämet. mitkä olivat sinun suosikki 2011 trendisi?]


  1. Such a great compilation! I was just going to comment on a couple I loved in particular until I kept reading and realized I also love them all! Hoping lots of these continue on into 2012 along with all the new lovely trends that await.

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  2. Love some of these trends, especially hand lettering and paper flowers! Still not sure where the sudden trend of ombre and chevron came from but I do love both. Excited to see what the new year brings.

  3. All beautiful trends. The chevron was a little over-used for my liking, but it is a lovely pattern just the same. And the last trend, of wildly arranged flowers, is one that is so very welcome. I hope that is one which is here to stay for a long time yet.

  4. This inspired me to make a list of my own! Thanks!

  5. in love w/ these compilations! el. oh. vee. ee.

  6. thank you for posting this, these were ALL of my favorite things in 2011! :)

  7. You are just amazing, and have no idea how inspirational you have been!
    Keep doing this wonderful work!

  8. GREAT recap post-- reminded me how inspiring 2011 was :)

  9. love this post... i think hand lettering and wild flower arrangements are my favourite !! that fringed cake is sooo cute too though... gorgeous collection of photos by the way! ^__^


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