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Hello dear readers, this is a little disclaimer about the Hey Look Blog, its contents and authors. If you have any more questions, please contact us under heylook@heylook.fi

• the contents on this blog are written by Michaela & Lotta and all posts reflect personal opinions and experience of the authors. All DIY instructions, advice, ideas or recommendations are subjective

• all content is either entirely our own or linked to its original source. however, if you find an image or info that is incorrect or not properly linked to its rightful copyright owner, just send us a message - we try our best, but we cannot guarantee the info we find elsewhere online to be correct

• all sources & links are checked at the time a blog post is written, but since websites evolve and stuff changes, links may expire. just send us a message if you find a broken link and know the new source

• if an image does not come with a source, it is taken by Hey Look and protected by intellectual copyrights. If you share a pic from our blog, please credit the source (read more below)

• Hey Look is not responsible for comment content, but we do reserve the right to delete non-related or offensive comments

Images, posts & sharing

We love when our readers spread the word about our work, our projects, freebies or other content on the hey look blog. If you do want to share a post of ours, just follow these simple rules. You don't need to send us a message and ask for permission, if you just stick to them:

• you may use up to 2 or 3 images from a blog post, excluding step-by-step instruction pictures and multi-image-collages (for example moodboards or other collection layouts) 

• link to the orginal blog post and credit Hey Look Blog as the source

• do not share direct links to free printable pdfs or other content and don't download the pdf to share it on your own blog or website either

• in short: don't copy entire blog posts. give your readers a reason to visit our blog. thanks!


If you pin from our blog to Pinterest, please include the original source of the image (photographer, artist, shop, etc) in your pin description.

Thanks for reading this!

We love that you visit our blog and we do encourage you to share, spread the word and get in touch with us! We like to collaborate with other bloggers and come up with fun projects to tackle together. Just shoot us a mail if you got something in mind.