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BYE BYE 2011, WELCOME 2012!

Thanks, 2011. You've been so amazingly eventful for us. You made us brave enough to take the big leap into starting our own business. To make our dreams come true. You've brought us so many wonderful supporters, clients and friends. We couldn't be more happy about it.

As our last post of this year, we would like to share a few thoughts and reflections about the past year, along with some plans for the new one. If you feel like it, share some of your own in the comments section. Let us know what you've achieved in 2011 and what you're thankful for.

I've thought about what to write here today for a very long time. I was thinking of keeping it "professional", of not mixing personal stuff with business. Because it's what they say you should do. But how can I do that when my business is such a personal thing to me? I live and love what we do. I want to show personality and passion in everything we do for our clients. So, what I want to say to you today is personal. 

This year was full of ups and downs for me. I went through a very rough time in the beginning of the year and struggled with getting back on my feet for a while. But through all the troubles, one thing became very clear to me: I wanted to be happy with everything I do. I've had the dream to run my own business for a very long time and finally in May I knew that the time had come. And I was so lucky that Lotta decided to jump into this adventure with me. I can't tell how thankful I am for all the support and appreciation we got since then. How much we loved the past months. 

Then, a few months ago, I lost my dad very unexpectedly. I miss him every day and I still don't quite know how to cope with his loss. Besides the support of my family, the one thing that kept me going was my work and the lovely comments, emails and feedback we receive from readers of our blog, clients and business partners. I want to say thank you for that. Thank you all so much!

I hope you all have a very happy New Year! Do what you love, cherish the people close to you and just spend every day without regrets. Don't be afraid of failure and work hard for what you want to achieve. 

I'll be starting the year with a little family vacation in NYC. So excited! 


This year has been full of excitement, happiness and big decisions. I'm so thankful to be able to do what we do. I'm thankful that we took the leap with Michaela and followed our dreams. This year went so fast and this day, a year ago, i wouldn't have imagined to be in the position I am in today.  I'm so thankful for you, our lovely readers, for all the support and feedback. I love that we're able to inspire you in your everyday life. Without your support we could have never done this and grow in such a short time. We hope that we keep inspire you in the future as well.

I hope that your upcoming year will be full of excitement and happiness. I hope that you'll follow your dreams and take leaps. Someone wise once said that "You don't need an invitation to your own life" and now i understand how important it is to pursue your own dreams and make them come true, at least try to :)

Im so excited to get the key on monday morning for our studio. So, i'll be starting the New Year in the new studio, painting the ceiling. We'll make a post then and show you how beautiful the place is.

I wish you all a beautiful New Year's Eve and the very best for the 2012!


2012 will be an awesome year! We have planned many great things - we want to connect and work more with other bloggers and local businesses in the same field. For the blog we have many new features coming up. You'll also be seeing us weekly over on Ruffled over the next few months.

Our daily hits have grown so much over the past months that we'll also be offering advertising starting from January. Our blog will get a little makeover for this, so we'll have more sidebar space for you. If you're interested in a spot, please email us for rates. We love to showcase small businesses that relate to our readers.



  1. Sounds like you have both had an incredible year in 2011, good and dreadful, but I hope that your business continues to take off and thrive in this new year of 2012. I have delighted in discovering your blog and have been inspired by your seemingly boundless creative talents - so onward and upward in 2012! Cheers from the other side of the world, downunder in Oz. Virginia

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  2. Congrats you two :)
    I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for you guys!

    Michaela: Keep your head up! I can't imagine what you're going through, but keep strong!! We love you!! <3

    Lotta: OooooOo can't wait to see photos of the new studio! Super excited for you guys :))))

    Thanks for always inspiring me with your beautiful projects! I can honestly say that you two have inspired me to go after my dreams of becoming an Event Planner! Love everything you guys do!!

    Happy New Years!

    Much Love,

  3. happy new year , happy new things :)

  4. Happy New Year. I'm so excited for the new year because with it comes renewed vision and promise. I spent last year in a bit of a funk, trying it figure out exactly what it was I wanted to do. I found my passion (events and wedding) and now I'm not stopping. I have big plans for myself for 2012. They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life - I want that to be my 2012!

  5. If I'm honest, 2011 was the worst year of my life held together only by my 2 year old grandson. Illness, death, problems...yep; you name it, we had it.

    But everything happens for a reason and like you, I am trying to look forward.

    Good luck to you for 2012 x

  6. Just found your fun blog!!! Cheers to 2012!

  7. I just found your blog, by chance. I am so sorry about the loss of your father - I hope that your memories of him give you comfort in the coming year. You have an absolutely beautiful blog and I love your style.

  8. Thank you all for your lovely words!

    Kristen: Hope all your dreams will come true. Good luck and all the best!

    Jason: So sorry to read about your dreadful year. 2012 can only get better - hope you have a wonderful year!


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  11. Your heartfelt words resonate deeply, Michaela. Amidst personal struggles and loss, your resilience shines through, inspiring us all. Your dedication to your passion and the support of your loved ones are truly admirable. Wishing you continued strength, success, and happiness in the New Year and beyond. Enjoy your well-deserved family vacation in NYC! 🌟
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