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So, it's been really quiet around here for the past weeks, but we've had our hands so full that there was simply no time to blog. While our day to day work and our projects take their fair amount of time, we got a little extra load all of a sudden. Remember this post? Literally two weeks after I snapped those pictures of our finally ready studio we got the notice that our space has been sold and our lease is being terminated after 3 months.

So, we cried a little, then moved on to finding a new place for us to work in. And that hasn't been the easiest project - we had a long list of requirements to a space really. Next to the minimum size requirement and the maximum price, these other points were just as important. We want it to be central, but not so central that during rush hours it will take us ages to get to. We want a place that is on the ground floor with its separate entrance or if on a higher floor, it needs direct access to a freight elevator. It should be in ok condition, but really not fancy, shiny and new - our work does tend to be dirty at times, but at the same time we need a creative and "clean" environment for our planning and design work. Natural light is really important for us, so any kind of cellar space is out of the question. The space should have some personality; we love the industrial but homey feel of our old space for example. And there is the most difficult point that is impossible to describe in an ad or see on a picture: the feeling needs to be right.

Wow, right? What a list. And that's exactly why we've been a-wall for these previous weeks (months, yeah). We read the listings every day, posted space search ads, we contacted just about everyone we know who could have a lead on a space, we went to see quite a few places, called about even more.

And then finally one place just felt right. And it's basically only a few minutes from our old place. So, right now we're moving. Next week we'll be starting some new projects in our brand new studio - so exciting! We'll definitely snap some pics once the place is ready.

But for now, we leave you with a little more work space inspiration.

ixxi design + studio boot

the lovely work space of housenumber 15

seen on trendenser  // images by Sarah Widman

Hübsch home & interior

Crate and barrel

wall display on weekday carnival

Katie Stratton's amazing studio space seen on A beautiful Mess


  1. voi mitä tuuria vanhojen tilojenne kanssa... onneksi uudet sitten löytyivät


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  2. soo exciting ! look forward to seeing photo reveals of your new space! Good luck on this new venture... One door closes and a window of opportunity opens ;D

  3. It is some great info. i would be the first person to apply for a job if a further position opens with you guys. im sure it would be fun working with guys!

  4. sandraleejohnson@msn.com14 September 2014 at 18:40

    Katie, I am about to have both a small room for painting and a much needed work desk. I so love Your ideas That will work for Me also! Thank You so kindly for showing Your Dreamy space; I So Love it!!

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