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So, it's been a long time. We've been re-charging, organizing, planning, creating, expanding our studio and hoping for spring – which still seems to be a while away. We'll show you a few thing we've been working on during the next week. On a sidenote: a birdy told us that the title on our recent color inspiration post could be seen as a reference to a popular or not so popular semi-pornographic novel. Well, it wasn't. At least not on purpose. So, to avoid confusion, we went ahead and changed the heading.

For now, peeps, enjoy your weekend. We hope you have it a little warmer than we do. But if you don't or if all you see outside is grey, here's some color to brighten your day!

Building paintings by Alex Brewer or HENSE. Yes, please!

Installation by Oliver Schwarzwald from his Color series

Another color installation by Oliver Schwarzwald  - Why not go ahead and spread some joy like this? Grab some (biodegradable) crepe streamers and decorate your neighborhood!

Geometric color paper garlands from this super-crafty inspiring wedding featured on etsy


  1. Lovely inspiration color...
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  2. love the colors! brightens my day indeed :)

  3. Lovely! Color inspiration was much needed today (yet another rainy weekend over here).

    xx Kaisa


  4. Beautiful colors. Love seeing this!

    xxx Jocelina



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