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We have started our long weekend yesterday afternoon. Today we're celebrating Independence day here in Finland and while tomorrow is actually a regular work day, we decided it's time for a mini-break before we tackle the last projects for this year.

If you have some free time this weekend, too, perhaps you'd like to make some ornaments for your christmas tree. Here are 16 awesome ideas:

1 - Pretty hand-painted ornaments by Griottes
2 - Tinsel filled and washi-taped ornaments by Odessa May
3 - Hand-painted DIY clay ornaments by fellow fellow
4 - Ombre glass ornaments by Ambrosia Creative
5 - DIY clay antler ornaments by This Tinder
6 - Three DIY felt ornaments by Purl Bee
7 - DIY paper diamond by Ann Meer
8 - Glitter tassel animal ornaments by A Subtle Revery
9 - Printable paper ornaments by Minieco
10 - Glittered clay lollipop ornaments by Creature Comforts
11 - Origami ornaments with free printable on Poppytalk
12 - Charlie Brown christmas ornaments by a little gray
13 - Confetti System inspired ornaments by A lovely Lark
14 - Colorful yarn pom ornaments by A lovely Lark
15 - Newspaper ornaments by Voyages of the Creative Variety
16 - DIY glittered acorn ornaments by Sweet Paul from Sweet Paul Holiday 2012


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