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[top image: Our Labor of Love, bottom images: Max Wanger, via 100 Layer Cake]

As the title tells you, we'd like to talk about wedding music today. Some people leave most of the music decisions to the DJ or band they're hiring, but then there are those that plan the entire setlists for cocktails, dinner and dancing + of course the ceremony music (but we guess nobody leaves those to a DJ to decide on). What's your take on wedding tunes? What did you / will you or would you like to hear, walk down the aisle to and dance to on your big day?

[image: Our Labor of Love]

For the walk down the aisle, many go for the classics. My friend thought so long and hard about all sorts of pretty and fun songs for her big entrance, but in the end went back to Canon in D (which is lovely). Do you go for something more fun?

Maybe even for something like this?

Makes me tear up every time. What a fun way to start a wedding! It must immediately make all the guests feel super-relaxed and joyful and they sure know that they're in for a fun party after such an entrance!

If you're looking for the perfect tunes to play at your wedding, be sure to check out HI-FI Weddings, a wedding blog for music lovers. Every real wedding couple shares along with pictures their wedding playlist. You'll also find the favorite tunes of wedding DJs, and Ashley, the editor of the blog shares her own playlists regularly.

For my friend's wedding last year, we started this little playlist on Spotify to which I've been adding stuff over time. If you're searching for easy-breezy summer wedding music, check it out. It's got a bit of indie, a bit of old stuff, some folksy tunes, some more danceable ones.

If you have any playlists online, share them with us. We'll add the links to this post! Or just let us know your main tunes: walk down the aisle, first dance, etc.

[images: Our Labor of Love, who really always manage to capture all the fun moments]



  1. I have to recommend Michaela's playlist. ;)

    Music is such a lovely way to go back to the day and living it again. So be sure to make a cd or keep your special songs handy in some other format - it beats the shaky videos!

    For our wedding, the ceremony entrance was Canon in D (as already mentioned), ceremony exit was God Only Knows by The Beach Boys (I think, was quite dazzled) and first dance Stolen by Dashboard Confessional.


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  2. At our civil ceremony wedding on a citrus farm orchard in country Australia, I walked in with "Let Love Rule" by Lenny Kravitz. During the signing of the register (part of the ceremony in Australia) a friend sang "Sinua Sinua Rakastan" and our first dance was "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green.

    I'd decided on "Sinua Sinua Rakastan" years earlier, but the other songs took ages to decide on!! 5+ years later, I'm still happy with the songs we chose though. :)

  3. That entrance dance is just classic. Still SO funny!

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