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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to work with Anna & Antti, a lovely couple who decided to get married only a month earlier. While Lotta had to style a super-chic & modern wedding here in Helsinki, I headed to Järvenpää with my good friend and eager helper Jenni to spend a super-relaxed and lovely day styling and shooting the wedding of Anna & Antti at Vanhankylän Kartano.

Anna had wished for simple, casual florals, a little sweet buffet for their 30 guests and a few hours of photography to capture some details of the day. Her chosen color scheme was pink, blush, white, soft yellow and green which worked beautifully in the venue. We made simple floral centerpieces in glass jars to decorate the venue & dinner tables and set up a little sweets buffet in the same color scheme. I made Anna's bouquet from lush pink & white peonies and pink roses (a combo that always works, don't you think?).

The couple had got married the day before at the Maistraati (would translate to "city hall", probably) already, so they arrived before their guests for some picture taking time. Don't you love Anna's dress and shoes? She looked so radiant with her lovely baby bump!

Taking pictures of the couple, bridal party and the guests was such a breeze. Although the lighting for taking pics was horrible (that kind of before-the-storm weird light that turns everything a greenish-yellow), the couple's family and friends were such relaxed and friendly people that it was simply a great pleasure to be a little part of Anna's and Antti's big day. The staff at the venue too, was super-nice and helpful - so, if you're looking for a little intimate & casual yet festive wedding place around Järvenpää, please consider this one.

Florals & wedding styling: Hey Look
Photography: Michaela / Hey Look
Venue: Vanhankylän Kartano, Järvenpää

Bride's dress: Malaika
Bride's shoes: Peter Kaiser (bought from Halonen, Helsinki)
Bride's hairdo: Kampaamo Stop, Kerava

And here's a little something by the bride about Hey Look in Finnish:

"Heylookin stailaus ja kuvaus osuivat ihan nappiin. Meillä oli vain noin kuukausi aikaa järjestellä häitämme, mutta Heylookin avulla niistä tuli helposti sellaiset kuin olin toivonutkin :) Erityisesti  
pidimme Michaelan todella ammattitaitoisista ja kauniista kuvista, jotka olivat JUURI sellaisia kuin toivoin. Suurkiitokset, suosittelen teitä ehdottomasti kaikille ystävilleni !"

Thanks, Anna for your sweet words! 



  1. Love your pics and the bouquet - so pretty!

  2. Your wedding motif is so refreshing. I like the design of your venue because it made the room look so romantic and elegant. It made me reminisce my own wedding held at the wedding venues in Long Island.

  3. I love the idea of putting crackers and candies in jars and in goblet glasses. I also want this in my wedding! Surely I’m going to consult this with our long island catering halls.

  4. I may have to say that the entire wedding motif was great! I also wish for a successful wedding in one of the hamptons wedding venues just like this one.

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