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Streamers are a nice way to decorate for minimum costs. Here is a few decoration tips on how to use crepe paper in creative and easy ways. See the tutorials from the original post.

Decorate party favors with ruffled crepe paper streamers instead of ribbon.

Streamers Lorajean's Magazine

Crepe paper flowers are one of the most common way to use crepe paper. use single flowers or create nice flower arrangements out of crepe paper!

Crepe paper flowers A field Journal via The Bride's Cafe

Paper dot garland is a fun way to decorate the party venue. Simple yet cool!

Garland by Oh Happy Day

Make vovtives look cooler with some crepe paper.

Striped candleholders by Martha Stewart

Tassels you can use in so many different ways! Hang from the balloons or make some garlands. You can even decorate some gift boxes with those. variate the size for your needs.

Tassels by Oh happy Day

You can also use ruffle garland for ceiling decor. If that's a bit too much for you, use the streamers as to lift up for example the buffet table or entrance area.

Streamers Lorajean's Magazine


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