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[image by Annika Vannerus, via French by Design]

These late spring / early summer months are quite possibly the best time of the year. Especially living in Finland, you really (REALLY) appreciate the end of a loooong winter, the first time when you can go out without a coat. We love the beauty of nature with all the fresh greens and lots of light.

A perfect time to take your dinner, lunch or breakfast outside! We love picnics and outdoor parties. So, today we thought we'd inspire you to host a little picnic for friends or family with these two awesome ideas by Bash, Please.

We'd love to be invited to a french picnic like this one created by the gals for Bash, Please for Design*Sponge (photography: tinywater). To put something like this together, get your hands on some wine boxes, your favorite french picnic foods, some fresh berries + vintage glassware and herbs to style the setting and create the french ambiance. Super-easy, but oh so lovely. Just carry everything to the nearest park in the wine boxes, then turn them upside down to use as serving tables. Add a little candlelight and you're golden.

See more of this shoot right here on Design*Sponge

Or invite over your friends to your backyard for an outdoor movie night. Sure, this isn't quite as simple, cause you will need a movie projector and set up a screen (just tie a piece of white fabric between two trees), but the result will be awesome and your friends will surely love you for it.

Check out much more of this super-lovely soiree on Brandon Kidd's blog and on Design*Sponge.

[images by Brandon Kidd, design by Bash, Please for Design*Sponge]


  1. Onpas upeita kuvia! Tuollainen piknik maistuisi mulle. Mutta kyllä hieman vaatimattomampikin mieheni järkkäämä yllätys-piknik Auroran puistossa maistui todella hyvältä (http://meanwhileinlongfield.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/piknik-kahdelle-auroran-puistossa/). Ilma oli upea ja seura mitä parhainta. <3 Kesä on virallisesti nyt avattu!

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