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No 3 in our series of bright & colorful wedding inspiration: fashion & accessories. Here's some ideas from real weddings on how to add splashes of color to your wedding day attire or go all colorful!

A super-colorful rainbow wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes. While the bride goes into traditional white, the bridesmaids wear colorful dresses in all colors of the rainbow. Same on the male wedding party side: the groom goes in traditional grey, white & black; groomsmen wear brightly colored ties with raybans to match! (photography: Tiffany Arment)

We're really loving the colorful vintage bridesmaid dresses and mismatched shoes from this wedding featured on Oncewed (photography by Our Labor of Love)

Another example for rainbow bridesmaids. We love the matching bouquets and how all dresses have a different cut! (photo: Laura Murray)

If you want to done down the "color-craziness", you could have your bridesmaids dress in black grey or another neutral color and pair these with bright tights. (photos: Green Ginger Photography, via Green Wedding Shoes)

Awesome look for the groomsmen: grey pants, white shirt, colorful suspenders, boutonnieres and shoes! (photos: Three Nails Photography, via Green Wedding Shoes - check out the full feature for a lot more colorful wedding fun!)

Bright red bowtie + matching suspenders & a coloful, fun boutonniere (photography: Lehua Noƫlle, via Green Wedding Shoes)

The groomsmen of this wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes wore colorful plaid ties and bowties + hand-stitched felt heart boutonnieres. (photos by Sweet Little Photograps)

Planning a super-relaxed, casual wedding? Why not wear a colorful wedding dress instead of a white one? (photography by Jose Villa)

For more colorful wedding inspiration, click here (table settings) and here (bouquets).


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