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Soft pink or blush is probably the most popular wedding color and very often used on its own or paired with whites and neutrals. By itself it creates a romantic, feminine look and it looks great in modern or rustic venues alike.

Images: peonies, macarons, ribbons, ruffle cake, bride & bridesmaids

This is one of our favorite color schemes: blushes & pale pinks combined with soft shades of mint. This palette works perfectly for a vintage inspired setting. Mix in some gold elements for an elegant vintage look or stick to bright whites for a more modern feel.

images: bride, dessert table, match box favors, desserts, place setting, bracelets

A very similar, but more quirky color palette: blush & pink + aqua tones. Perfect for a rustic or vintage wedding. Check out this lovely example of a 50's themed wedding on Ruffled.

images: centerpiece, cake, bouquet, cupcake stand, table setting, invitation

Another favorite of ours: blush & gold. A super-sweet and feminine color combination. To create an elegant, classical, vintage-inspired feel, use ruffles, tulles, lush and flowing fabrics + rich floral arrangements. To get a more contemporary look, use clear lines, patterned fabrics (striped, chevron, etc)  and simple floral arrangements.

images: dessert table, cutlery, bride with gold shrug, stationery, fringe backdrop, ribbon chandelier

Blacks and dark grays add a bit of a dramatic feel to the blush color palette. Use this color palette for an elegant french inspired soiree or a classic wedding in a historical venue - be sure to check out the image sources for more inspiration

images: centerpiece, jewelry, anemone bouquet, drinks, bride & groom, table setting

Blush, soft pink and red is such a sweet color palette perfect for weddings, bridal showers and girl's birthday parties. Despite it being a very classic & romantic color palette, you can create a very contemporary look by playing with shapes and materials (check out this inspiration shoot as a perfect example).

images: table setting, stationery, cupcakes, bouquet, macarons, drinks


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