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We've been a bit quiet these past days. One reason is that we're working on many new projects at the moment, which is of course grand. The other reason is that we've got the presidential elections running in Finland and somehow, suddenly things that the country hasn't seen before are happening. We'll get back to that below.

But now, for all who want to do something special for valentine's day, we found for some pretty great projects for you:

Pretty mini paper flowers, spotted on Oh Happy Day. Use them for little Valentine's gifts or for example as cupcake toppers.

An awesome Kate Spade inspired Valentine's wreath by Me Oh My

A lovely idea by Everything Fabulous: make a tissue pom heart installation to decorate your wall

Cupcake wrappers and DIY cupid arrows by Creature Comforts.

A super-sweet old fashioned Valentine booklet by A Field Journal.

We'll be working on a little valentine's project ourselves this week. Stay tuned. It'll be sweet.

Now while you might feel that this blog is not the place, still we'd like to say a few things about the election (here in Finland right now, but the same goes for any political election anywhere). Well, mainly one thing: You have a voice, you have a vote - use it. You're living in this country and right now you can take part in deciding its future. Base your decision not just on what you hear from friends or on headlines you read in the media; they might be biased - the best thing you can do is listen to the candidates speak (live or on TV - it doesn't really matter). And then vote.

And if you really believe in the person you're voting for, go tell it to the world!

[Olemme olleet viime päivinä hyvinkin kiireisiä erilaisten projektien suhteen, mikä on tietysti aivan mahtavaa. Ohessa muutamia ystävänpäivän DIY -ohjeita, joiden avulla voitte somistaa ihanan ystävänpäivän juhlan ystävienne tai rakkaanne kanssa.

Kukaan teistä ei ole voinut välttyä presidentinvaalien kohulta. Haluamme kannustaa teitä äänestämään; teillä on ääni, käyttäkää sitä! Anna äänesi ehdokkaalle, joka jakaa samanlaiset näkemykset kanssasi, älä luota lööppeihin tai kuultuun. Paras tapa valmistautua vaaliuurnaa varten on mennä tapaamaan kanditaatit vaalitilaisuuksiin tällä viikolla. Ja jos todella luotat henkilöön, jota äänestät -kerro se maailmalle! ]


  1. you seriously find some of the BEST stuff on the web! so jealous :) but also so grateful i can just hop onto your blog and find inspiration for days!

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