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Today we put together the first of our holiday inspiration table settings. We went for a very traditional, cozy, homely feel using simple materials to create and easy setting that anybody can re-produce at very low cost and with little time. A piece of plaid flanel fabric serves as a table linen, the center pieces are built on a table runner of winter greens (we used cedar and juniper - anything that doesn't need water and doesn't needle is perfect). Disks of birch tree trunks hold thick candles and more cedar + juniper arranged in flower sponges. We added some red apples for more pops of holiday color. The place settings are made from mini wreaths of greens with name and holiday wishes tags tied to them. The tags can be downloaded right here.

By the time we had the table all set of course, which was around 2.30 pm, the light had changed drastically (it's completely dark here around 4 to 4.30 in the afternoon at this time of the year), so the pictures now have the very typical blue Finnish winter tone. Well, it just makes it all the more real. Studio lights and flashes have no room in holiday inspiration shoots. At least not in this one.