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Last year, somebody broke into our basement. It's where we used to keep our Christmas ornaments. When the neighbours told us that the basement booths had been broken into, I told my husband that it didn't matter if they took anything, since we mostly keep stuff we don't need anymore there. The only thing that actually mattered were the ornaments, but I thought that nobody would steal those. When we went to check though, we found that the only thing stolen was in fact the box with the ornaments. I nearly cried. All the pretty things collected over the years were gone. So, we have started collecting again (and these days we keep the ornaments in our flat!). And at the same time, I started to think about alternatives to the traditional christmas tree.

I know many of you will have their tree up already, but for all of you who only set it up just before Christmas (as we do, too), here's some inspiration - traditional and alternative.

Starting this round-up with a lovely picture like this might be a little unfair, since it might make you want to go right away to pick out a traditional tree with your loved one(s). Especially if you're lucky enough to have snow "already". We're still waiting for it. In Finland. In the middle of December.

Image by A Simple Photograph, spotted on Green Wedding Shoes.

Two beautiful traditional trees. Left: colorful ornaments on white by Yvestown, right: vintage tag ornaments spotted on Countryliving

Left: Beautiful vintage ornaments on a natural branch by Walther & Co.
Right: Pine without ornaments in a large vase Fryd + Design

Left: twigs decorated with mini white ornaments (such a beautiful contrast to the blue wall) via BHG
Right: Wall tree made from old wooden boards by Wood & Wool Stool

Upper row - left: wall tree made from loads of vintage ornaments via Apartment therapy (source: Nicety / Taverne), right: driftwood tree via Natural Modern Interiors
Lower row - left: cloth pin tree by Libby on Kelly Moore, right: tree drawn onto kraft paper via Style Me Pretty (by Alison Conklin Photography and Styled Creative for Kate Spade)

Left: Christmas light wall tree - Martha Stewart
Right: Color coordinated shelf-tree arrangement - BHG

Left: DIY flapper trees by The Home That Lars Built
Right: Pinata tree tutorial on Anthology Mag

Ladder trees! So simple and pretty.
Left: In the loop, right: via Emmas Blogg, by Vt Wonen

What does your tree look like this year? Ours will be traditional again. I want my daughter to have the same magical associations with Christmas that I had as a child. And decorating the tree on the morning of Christmas Eve; the smell of the pine tree and candles were a big part of creating that special holiday feeling. When she's older, we might try something new. Maybe.



  1. That is SO SAD! I would be devastated if someone stole my ornaments!!!!!

    - Sarah

  2. What a wonderful round up of creative Christmas tree alternatives. Ladder Christmas trees? Wow! Sorry to hear about your decorations ~ I can relate to how each ornament has a special meaning or memory attached. Hope you have fun collecting (or making!) new ornaments.

  3. Lovely post and blog! Gotta comment on this: two years ago the same happened to us. Not our x-mas decoration box was lost, but ALL of my evening gowns, christening gown that had been in the family for ages as well as tennis rackets were stolen. The irony was that one of the gowns, the prettiest one, was tailor-made for me when I was 9 months pregnant. I am sure the nasty thieves had a nice time trying to sell that piece...



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