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We already showed how to add some greens to your holiday place setting in our cozy, traditional table scape. Today we have a few less time intensive, easy ideas for you that will go great with a simple table setting in whites and neutral tones.

Tie handwritten name tags to cookie cutters. You can also use the cookie cutters as napkin rings at the same time.

You can also use simple sugar-decorated cookies as "paper weights" for your place cards. Or press a whole into the cookies before baking them and tie name tags onto them once they're decorated.

If you have children at the table or you like things more playful, add some whimsy to the setting by getting some "little helpers" to hold your place cards / name tags.


  1. gah! I love these so much. I'm on a moose kick right now and I want to cry because this is so cute!

    Shared it on my blog today -


    Thanks for sharing your great ideas! I'm a huge fan of your blog!

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  3. Big ol' HOWDY all the way from TEXAS! =) I saw this tutorial featured alongside my own Mustache Straw DIY in the same Sainsbury's holiday article. Just wanted to drop by and say what an honor it is to be featured alongside ya! You have an amazing blog - your attention to detail and photographic visuals are breath-taking! (Seriously, lovin' your photography!) Anyways, these are def uber cute tablescape ideas and I might just try one of these out in the near future!


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  16. gah! I love these so much. I'm on a moose kick right now and I want to cry because this is so cute!

    Shared it on my blog toda

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