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To end out colorful holiday inspiration week, we've rounded up some awesome freebie gift tags for you.

You can find loads of free printables and gift tag DIY instructions on Martha Stewart.

Reindeer hugs gift tags by Eat Drink Chic & cute illustration tags by Studio Morran

Lovely hand-drawn tags: left by Julia Rothman spotted on Design*Sponge, right by The Black Apple

Colorful retro inspired tags by Orange You Lucky

Vintage kid's book tags spotted on My Girl Thursday, Snow tags by Domestic Fluff

If none of these strikes your fancy, check out Gifted Magazine's range of freebie gift tags. They are all so beautiful!

Next week, we'll start a new inspiration series - if you're not into the whole colorful, kitschy christmas decor stuff and prefer simple and natural decor, come back then to check out our inspiration boards, DIY ideas and freebies.

And don't forget our printables that you can find right here on the blog. Browse the freebies section from the top menu or click the images below.


  1. Those Martha Stewart wine bottle printables are adorable. Just pinned them on Pinterest.


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