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HAPPY WEEKEND - Holiday Edition

It's December. The holiday season has officially started (they're playing Last Christmas - again - in every shopping center) and we're helping people to make their christmas parties look pretty. We feel so blessed to call this "our work". When it usually doesn't feel like work at all. 

Still, when you're working in this business, November and December are the busiest months of the year and it's sometimes a bit hard to get into the christmas spirit. So, next week we will be creating and sharing some own projects on how to make your christmas dinner table look festive and beautiful. 

Have a happy weekend! And if you have time, browse these lovely holiday issues of online publications. They are so inspiring!

1. Ruche: A Homemade Holiday (click here)
A pretty-pretty holiday guide with plenty of DIY ideas and recipes. 

2. Sweet Paul Magazine - Winter 2011 (click here)
Full of holiday recipes, DIY gift ideas and home styling inspiration. Beautiful layout. Awesome work. Thanks, Sweet Paul!

3. Anthology - 2011 Winter Gift Guide (click here)
Lots of ideas for DIY and store-bought gifts.

4. What Katie Ate: Bumper Christmas 2010 Edition (click here
Yes, this is from 2010, but it's too good not to be featured here. A huge (over 450 pages!) collection of christmas recipes and the most beautiful photographs. City stories from the view of contributors: NYC, London, Dublin, Rome, Sydney. I am loving the NYC feature - will be going there in the beginning of January, so I'd definitely be checking out some of the spots mentioned. 

Oh, my Dublin <3 Have you ever been there? If not, take a trip some day. It's a lovely place.


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