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1 - Iphone cases from Society6. Their selection is huge! I want to order at least 10 different ones.
2 - Tartan bag from Asos (it's on sale!)
3 - Fabric wrapped flask from Urban Outfitters
4 - Graph mittens: Donna Wilson
5 - Circle scarf: Lindex
6 - Everything is going to be OK: Amazon
7 - Camping blanket: Need Supply
8 - Comfy slippers: Urban Outfitters
9 - Beanie: Need Supply
10 - Knit laptop case: Urban Outfitters
11 - Flannel lounge pants: J. Crew
12 - Sesame Street Mittens: Mod Cloth
13 - Monty the fox plush toy: Sara Carr on etsy
14 - Owl bank: Urban Outfitters


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