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If you're wondering what to do with confetti other than throw it around, try to snap pictures while you do so and clean up the pretty mess afterwards, check out these ideas!

Confetti greeting card by Sam Dubeau spotted on Urban Scarlet.

A confetti decorated wedding cake and wedding programs with mini confetti envelopes on Martha Stewart Weddings.

A confetti bow DIY from the Hello Sandwich Gift Wrap Zine on Papercrave. (hope you'll figure out how to make one of these despite of compromised picture quality)

Confetti-dipped gifts by Tokketok.

Super-cute confetti bags made by Tokketok.

Confetti on a string by Kristina Marie on etsy.

I also found this calling card DIY by Pugly Pixel on the Glitter Guide. This is in fact one of the versions we've planned for Hey Look's business cards (will show you the results as soon as we've got our custom made stamp from Casa Di Falcone).

[Rakastamme confettia! Ohessa ideoita miten muuten voit käyttää confettia kuin vain heitellä sitä ympäriinsä. Inspiroidu!]


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