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When have you last time invited over your friends for a cup of tea and some finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and some good conversation? As I spied around the web, some of you might have done so to watch the royal wedding together, but for all of those who haven't, we've put together a little guide for a very British afternoon.

Here's what your little party could look like:

1 - Sweetapolita - Ruffles & Roses Tea Party, 2 - Lifehacker, 3 - via Ruffled, 4 & 5 - Countryliving, 6 - Saddleworth Shindigs on flickr, 7 - via Ruffled, 8 - Scones recipe and picture by Raspberry Cupcakes

A few essentials:

1 - Lemon curd, Perfect raspberry jam and chocolate & pear spread by Peyton and Byrne
2 - Tiered cake stand (for finger sandwiches and scones): Cath Kidston
3 - Rose patterned tea towels: Bells of Suffolk
4 - Coaster Invitations: Aliroo Social Stationery
5 - Mismatched vintage tea cups and saucers from any good flea market near you (image: countryliving)
6 - Crochet table cloth: Zara Home
7 - Fairtrade teas by Clipper

And for all of you who've never done a proper afternoon tea, here's a lovely how to by Susan Branch:

If you're looking for some yummy recipes, try these:

Traditional scones by Raspberry Cupcakes

Cream scones by Smitten Kitchen

Afternoon tea sandwiches by Sunday Suppers


[Iltapäivän teejuhlat - kello viiden tee. Inspiroide teejuhlista. Kokoa kaverit yhteen ja stailaa kaunis tee-hetki.]


  1. Love the Alice in Wonderland inspiration in the first round of images!

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