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I'm loving DIY backdrops right now. For anything really - window displays, photo booths, wedding ceremonies, party buffets. And the web is so full of inspiration and ideas on how to create a big impact with affordable materials. Here's a small selection:

Left: Lily backdrop on Ruffled (including DIY instructions)
Right: Gold foil fringe backdrop by Confetti System for Creatures of The Wind

Top: Paper and Ribbon backdrop, Tec Petaja Photography
Bottom: Paper backdrop by the Wedding Company, Photography: Scott Townsley, via 100 Layer Cake

Crepe streamer backdrop. Set design: Alan Lampert, Photography: Katherine O'Brien. Via Ruffled

Red fringe backdrop by Bash Please, Photography: Raya Carlisle

Left: DIY paper flower backdrop: Arrow & Apple, via Style Me Pretty
Right: Ribbon & fabric backdrop by Steven Moore Designs, Photography: Michele Waite, via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Top: Glitter backdrop by Bash Please, Photography: Raya Carlisle
Bottom: Fringes, streamers and confetti. Smilebooth, Ashley Meaders

[Inspiraatio: Photobooth taustakulissi. Taustat/"kulissit" tuovat lisätunnelmaa juhlaan kuin juhlaan. Rakenna taustakulissi edullisista materiaaleista ja käytä sitä valokuvaamisen, buffetpöytien ja hääseremonien taustana. Sopii myös näyteikkunoihin!]


  1. These backdrops are awesome!! They definitely put me in the mood to party! I never thought paper could look so beautiful at a wedding, gorgeous!


  2. OH MY WORD these backdrops are great!!!!

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