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1. Garland: Confetti System
2. Neon Bowls: Maison Sauvage
3. Mini Pinjatas: Confetti System for J. Crew
4. Limonada Standards: Carly Hauger on Etsy
5. Neon Rhino: Strange Planet / Thegoodmachinery on Etsy
6. Art Photography print: Honey Tree on Etsy

1. Hot Pink Tonet Chair: Abchome
2. Paper Goods: Martha Stewart
3. Pink Neon Woolen Yarn: Tiny Dino Studios on Etsy
4. Neon Elephant: Strange Planet / Thegoodmachinery on Etsy
5. Paper Flower Wall Decoration: Pinga Amor and Simplesmemte Branco
6. Neon Bowls: Maison Sauvage

[Somistusinspiraatio: neon + neutraali]


  1. I love these! Such cool color combos :)
    xxx mervi

  2. I love this post!! Very inspiring:)


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