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Hey, here are our Top 5 picks from the past week. We were inspired by bright colors, great bashes and cute DIY ideas. Wish You all a lovely weekend, enjoy the sun!

Creative wedding program design and cute flags at this DIY wedding on Love and Lavender

Fun rainbow colored origami boxes as buffet table decor in The Rainbow Party by Annily Green via Hip Hip Hooray

Free printable ice cream gift tags by Eat Drink Chick

Great atmosphere in this wedding shoot featured on Merci New York (Photographer: Maggie Marguerite Event styling and coordinator: Ang Weddings and Events)

Awesome Good Food truck at an Atlanta wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake
[Perjantain suosikit. Tänä viikkona meitä inspiroi kirkkaat värit, mahtavat juhlat ja suloiset tee-se-itse -projektit. Ihanaa viikonloppua!]


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