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One of the things that you see popping up in almost every house tour is the string pocket shelf. And it's not wonder, cause this little baby is pretty, simple, versatile and comes in many lovely color options.

But what we really appreciate is a good styling job. And boy, do the people over at String.se know how to set the scene for their products! Look at these pics! I personally am partial to the botanical one, but really all the settings are awesome.

Makes me feel really bad about having a white one of these darlings lying around here. Still in its bok, waiting to be mounted over my desk. I'll get on that over the Easter weekend.

All images from string's image bank


  1. Great styling indeed! Personally I've been a bit tired of String because just about everyone seems to have it nowadays, but these pics show that String truly is versatile in all it's colours and materials. I have a hard time choosing my favourite. The one with cleaning products is suprisingly pretty!

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