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This is how we spent our women's day. Same end client as last year, new venue, new style, but just as much fun. We really like it when clients give us the freedom to experiment a little in creating the event visuals. This year's event was about lifestyle & luxury and invited were exclusively ladies. Of course.

We used lots of tissue paper in pwc brand colors, most of which ended up on our mannequin #1. The 2nd one wore a little cocktail dress consisting of one sheet of orange silk tissue paper and about 30 pieces of simple white printing paper. Plus a little paper glue. We also made several installations of white shoe cartons and paper bags + again some tissue paper and fresh spring flower arrangements.

So, now we got loads of tissue paper & bags at our studio waiting either for a next project or for one of you to pick them up. Perhaps you need a bunch of simple white paper bags for a little party, shower or a wedding? Silk tissue paper (in a variety of colors, not just the ones you see here) to wrap your guest favors? If yes, send us an email, we'll let you know how much we got and when you can pick it up.

Our client & event planning + production: Tapaus
Venue: Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki
Visual event design, styling + flowers: Hey Look 
Photos: Michaela / Hey Look