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This pretty birds nest wreath by Amy Merrick is the perfect inspiration for a last minute holiday craft project. 

A cozy christmas table featured on Kinfolk Mag We love the warmth, the cozy atmosphere in these photos.

Rum, cider plus some holiday spices - that's all you need to make a delicious cider punch. Recipe and picture from Not Without Salt

Simple, white gift wrapping by Follow studio

The pine branches were used for escort cards used in this wedding featured on Ruffled. We think they'd be perfect for your holiday dinner table as place card holders.

Simple christmas tree image by Susanne Schanz

All you need to know to create a perfect cheese plate: Cheese plate guide and The adventurous cheese plate both on A Cup of Jo

The cozy blanket & tree picture is from this wonderful "a cozy holiday soirée" feature on Style Me Pretty. Not only is the styling wonderful, but this little guide comes with recipes for christmas cakes and mulled wine, DIY projects and pretty printable gift wrapping.

DIY newspaper votive holders on Hey Look // candle holders made from moss filled paper cups on Trendenser 

DIY beeswax candles on Oh Happy Day. These are sooo pretty, don't you think?

Free printables that you can find right here on the blog: Simple, hand drawn gift tags & Chalkboard style gift tags

If you love this simple holiday style as much as we do, check out our pinterest board for more inspiration (much more).


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