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1 - Baby penguin Bob bodysuit by Soft Gallery: 24,50€ on Smallable, 2 - Cardigan by Polarn O Pyret: 26,90€,
3 - Cat jumpsuit, Bobo Choses: 49€, 4 - Panda overall by Mini Rodini: 64$, 5 - Bear hoodie by Soft Gallery: 47,60€, 6 - Girls happy socks J. Crew: 7.50$, 7 - Hello Badges, Stella McCartney: 15€, 8 - Panther cap, Mini Rodini: 18€, 9 - Baby booties, Petit Nord: 49€, 10 - Cashmere sweater Heart Me (also available in navy for boys), J.Crew: 145$

1 - The Snail and the Whale by Axel Scheffler & Julia Donaldson, 2 - Bambi by Maileg: 38$, 3 - Fox soft toy, H&M Home: 14,95€, 4 - Playhouse, H&M Home: 29,95€, 5 - Bernie's Number Bus: 29£, 6 - Wooden popsicles: 15£, 7 - Magic Set: 22€, 8 - Zorro Mask: 4€, 9 - Little Crown: 16€ & Wand: 17€, 10 - Fox & Bunny masks, H&M Home: 2,95€ each

My 3 year old daughter helped me pick these. Her absolute favorites are the playhouse, the wooden popsicle set and the crown & wand. Of course if it had been completely up to her, this entire gift list would have consisted of Barbapapa merchandise, Disney princesses & fairies and Moomin items.

Our tried & most loved brands for children's clothing are Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini and Polarn O Pyret. There's not one item that i bought of these brands and didn't adore in regards of looks, quality and fitting.

If you have any of the items in this guide, please feel free to share your review in the comment field.



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