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If you want to give something super-personal and unique to your friends and family this year, check out  these ideas for DIY gifts. We've rounded up some lovely projects for you.

Jos haluat antaa jotain todella persoonallista tänä vuonna, kurkkaa nämä DIY-joululahja-ideamme.

1: Draped necklace top made from a simple top and an old T-shirt
2: Pretty pom necklaces
3: Braided bracelets made from old T-shirts (or jersey fabric) by Lana Red
4: Felt flower headbands for little ones
5: Sweet little leather hair pins by My little Fabric
6: Paint & glitter geometric pendants by Well, it's okay
7: Easy jersey knit bracelets 
8: Lovely heart tote with leather straps by Say Yes to Hoboken

1: DIY paper globe - comes with free printable
1: Wooden gradient typographic wall art
3: Chalkboard coasters made from tiles
4: Gold paint-dipped, faux porcelain bowl
5: Awesome fabric coil bowls
6: Anthropologie inspired chalkboard label jars
7: Pretty paint-dipped wooden utensils
8: "Gold-dipped" notebooks

We also found these super-awesome round-ups for handmade gifts on Everything Etsy - check them out:
Löysimme myös nämä mahtavat kösintehdyt joululahja, kaikki Etsystä:

101 simple handmade gift tutorials
101 handmade gifts for her
101 handmade gifts hor him
101 handmade gifts for kids
101 baby gift tutorials

Are you making any of your gifts these year? If you do, and if you perhaps have some tutorials you'd like to share with us, leave a comment. We'd love to hear about them!

Teetkö itse joululahjoja tänä vuonna, mikäli niin, jätä komentti - olisi mahtavaa jakaa niiden ohjeet blogissamme!


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