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Hey peeps! After the lovely time we had yesterday at the I love me fair in Helsinki's fair center, we wanted to say a great big thank you to all who visited us, to Häät magazine for giving us the opportunity to work with them (once again) and to Regina, who supplied her cupcakes for our little dessert table.

Meillä oli ihana messupäivä eilen I love me -messuilla! Kiitos vielä Häät -lehdelle kun saimme työskennellä kanssanne jälleen kerran ja suur-kiitos Reginalle ihanista Cup cakeseista!

The cupcake goddess (who's orginally from San Francisco) had made three amazing flavors of mini cupcakes - and they went like hot cakes. It was fun to see people's reactions when having a taste "oh my god, these are amazing", "...wow! who made these?", "SO good!" and similar lines were the normal. No wonder we ran out of these babies half through the day. If any of you are looking for something sweet for a wedding or party, give Regina a call! Seriously.

Cup Cake Goddess teki aivan mahtavat mini-cupcakesit meille jälkkäribuffaan, eikä ihme, että ne menivät kuin kuumille kiville! Kommentit olivat mitä mahtavimpia, joten jos vain tarvitset kuppikakkuja juhliisi, ota yhteyttä Reginaan!

It was lovely to talk to so many new people and see some familiar faces at our stand as well. Laura, the writer of palomiehen morsian popped by for a visit with her fiancé Lauri. You might remember the two from our engagement shoot with them this summer. Noora, who we had already met at the French Connection wedding evening at Kluuvi came to say hi once again - we'll show you a little project we're whipping up for her soon here on the blog.

Thank you all for a pretty amazing day!

Oli aivan mahtava tavata niin paljon uusia ihmisiä ja vanhojakin tuttuja; Palomiehenmorsian -blogista tuttu Laura ja hänen sulhasensa kävivät moikkaamassa meitä. Samoin Noora, joka kävi vierailemassa Kluuvin hääillassa. Myöhemmin jaamme blogissamme pienen projektin, jonka teemme Nooralle.

Kiitos kaikille ihanasta päivästä!


  1. YES, seriously, if we'll decide to serve cupcakes at our wedding, I'll know who to call! Was lovely to see u too! :)

  2. Looks wonderful!! So happy to have participated!!

  3. If any of you are looking for something sweet for a wedding or party, give Regina a call! Seriously.

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