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Hi readers!

I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Adeliina, 20 year old girl who loves everything inspiring, pretty and beautiful in life. That's why I'm happy to have this opportunity to be an intern at Hey Look this autumn. I love to work with these two wonderful ladies, Lotta and Michaela!

I think autumn is one of the most inspiring season of the year. That's why I thought to go for a long walk into the fresh air and heat the sauna later. I found a great idea from eat drink chic to invite your friends to have a cup of coffee with these adorable little printable cards. This is such a unique way to surprise your close-ones on a chilly autumn day. 

Head on over to eat drink chic to download these pretty freebies.

Have a lovely weekend you all!



  1. wonderful pictures! and welcome to the blog, Adeliina!

  2. Cheers. I really really love your beautiful articles. Thanks for sharing


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