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In the beginning of the summer we made a little neon canvas bag project for Mollie Makes, a super-sweet British DIY magazine. Now the issue is in the shops and you can get your own.

Kesän alussa teimme pienen canvas-kassi projektin ihanalle englantilaisille Mollie Makes -lehdelle. Lehti on nyt kaupoissa ja voit hakea omasi!

We love the magazine and how it stands out among other craft mags alone by its design and layouts. Their editorial staff really knows how to put together a set of pretty pictures and add some awesome fonts (yes, we need to admit: there are many mags that don't really live up to those standards). So, if you don't know the magazine yet, take a peek here, download the ipad version here, subscribe to a paper version here or just head out to your nearest shop and get your copy from there (we've even seen them around in Finland!). Also check out their blog, while you're at it.

Mollie Makes on kauniisti taitettu lehti, josta löytää ihania DIY -vinkkejä. Jos et ole vielä tutustunut lehteen, kurkkaa tänne ja tilaa omasi täältä. Voit ladata myös iPad -verison, jos et löydä lehteä kaupastasi.

And something that we really don't do often enough: a big thanks and shout-out to some lovely blogs that recently featured some of our work:

Beyond Beyond

Blush Loves Mint

Brittni on curbly


Ja vielä kaunis kiitos blogeille, jotka ovat esitelleet töitämme viime aikoina. Ihanaa kun jaatte töitämme blogeissanne. Jos haluat jakaa projekteja omassa blogissasi, olisi se mahtavaa. Muista vain aina linkata kuvat ja projektit suoraan blogiimme ja oikeaan blogi postiin.


  1. Loved this article in my copy of this months Mollie Makes! I always get excited when a blog I follow is featured! Keep up the lovely work - hope to see more in Mollie Makes soon!

  2. Oh thanks so much for sharing us on here :) we love your work & will feature plenty more of it.

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