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This wedding photographed by the always amazing Jose Villa is still one of my very favorites. Every time I come across a picture of it on some blog or on pinterest I have to stop and stare. I love all of the craft paper & white details and the amazing light and airy mood. This must have been one beautiful wedding day! It would be lovely to live in an area where one could plan an outdoor wedding like this without having to worry about too much wind or the possibility of rain (sure, you need to plan these things in just about anywhere, but there are places where you can be almost sure that at a certain time of the year you will have gorgeous weather). This wedding is a great example on how you can put together an amazing setting with a few simple ingredients - just work with your surroundings, don't try to transform them into something they're not.

All images by Jose Villa, via design*sponge, Oncewed & Jose Villa's blog
Wedding styling by Duet Weddings
Calligraphy by Little Miss Press

Gorgeous work!


  1. Your photos remind me of the wedding photographer in Perth my cousin hired last year. I've always been a fan of vintage like photographs.

  2. The photographs make me fall in love over and over again. I really love weddings because I like seeing two persons fall in love with each other. Actually, I already have a plan for my wedding. I will be married in a garden then I will have my reception at the suffolk county catering halls. That's the place where my sister had her wedding.

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