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Did you see the Cream event, Los Angeles round-ups on Green Wedding Shoes and 100 Layer Cake (post 1, 2, 3)? If you're into neon decor and you haven't yet checked them out, do it now. There's tons of inspiration and ideas waiting for you. Our favorites are these:

Jos pidät neon-väreistä kurkkaa Cream -tapahtuman kuvat. Alla muutama suosikkimme:

From top to bottom:
• event decor by Bash Please (source) - we're loving all the details these gals created, but especially the neon fringe chandelier and the neon yarn wrapped stripped down lamp shades!
• 100 Layer Cake's decor (source): A neon sign & neon streamer curtain, vintage furniture, a lovely floral arrangement by Honey of Thousand Flowers and large heart shaped vinyl stickers on the floor - Awesome!
• Green Wedding Shoe's fun DIY display (source): paper chains in neon and neutral (that color combo always works!), a DIY string heart and DIY vases.
• The neon light installation by The Lighter Side (source)
• Glassware display by Casa de Perrin (source). Could we please have a supplier like that around here?

Eteenkin ihana neon -värinen hapsu-kattokruunu on ihana. Samoin suosikkejamme oli värikkäät paperiverhot ja vinyylitarra sydämet. Neon ja neutraali värimaailma toimii aina! Myös mahtavat lampun varjostimen rungot ovat mieletön somistusidea. Neonputket nostavat tilan kuin tilan ilmettä. Lisäksi olemme niin kateellisia ihanasta vintage lasikokoelmasta!