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Happy friday, everyone! This week we kept ourselves busy with planning future projects and throwing together a few DIY shoots at our studio.

Today we got a lovely visit from our Pore Helsinki giveaway winner - she came to pick up her winnings and she brought cake balls! How sweet is that? While munching on those and having some coffee together, we cooked up something seriously awesome for you guys (well, not for all of you readers, just the ones that live around here). It'll take some more planning, but we'll let you know about it very soon. Stay tuned - it'll be fab!

The web was filled with seriously too much eye candy this week. Here are a few of our favorites. Be sure to check them all out! Really, do it.

This a-ma-zing shoot featured on Style Me Pretty is one of our absolute favorite finds. Everything in this is so perfect it almost hurts. Take a look at the entire gallery!

Jose Villa for Enjoy Cupcakes. Styling: Bluebird Cotillion.

Another one of our favorite wedding photographers shared this gorgeous Colorado Wedding on his blog this week. Tec Petaja is such a magician with the camera and this wedding is really beautiful! We especially love all the gorgeous florals by Studio Choo!

A pretty alternative to the good old corsages: floral pendants! DIY featured on Oh Joy.

We would've loved to attend this fun backyard fiesta wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes! (photography: Birds of a feather)

Also check out these:

* A DIY confetti tablecloth on Oh Happy Day!
* Kinfolk's dinner series: Portland
* Cats as fonts - this made us laugh

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. I am dying over that Style Me Pretty shoot! So beautiful, thanks for sharing!!


  2. Hi guys! So nice of you to include me in this post and you know, I'm so excited as well! Last night I kinda couldn't sleep because I just had so many ideas in my head! I had such a great time, hope to see you soon.
    And I really like all of these shoots, the backyard fiesta wedding looks so nice and relaxed.
    Have a good weekend!

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