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We've seen a lot of wedding ceremony and reception chair decor featuring ribbons, tulle and real flowers. While a line of pretty ribbons on a chair looks lovely and a bunch of fresh flowers tied to your chair can work wonderfully with the rest of the florals in a wedding, these options are often a bit pricy and may take a long time to prepare - time that you may not necessarily have.

We thought we'd show you a few different options using easy-to-make crepe paper flowers. You can make the flowers weeks or months before the wedding and they will cost you next to nothing. All you need is rolls of crepe paper streamers and thin metal wire. With a little bit of practice, a flower won't take you more than a minute.

Roll a piece of streamer loosely forming a paper flower. The more loosely you roll it, the more open the flower will be. Once your bloom is as full as you like it, tie the end together with metal wire. Don't cut off the wire too closely; leave some excess - you'll use it later to attach the flowers to the chair.

Now here's some options on how to use them to make your chairs look pretty. Experiment a little to find your own style. We've sorted these from quickest to most time- and/or material- intensive (from top to bottom), but all of them are whipped up quite quickly.

A very simple and super-quick way to decorate your chairs is to tie a few flowers to a piece of pretty ribbon. Then simply tie the ribbon to the back of the chair.

Tie some pretty ribbon to the back of the chair and cover the knot with a single paper flower.

Tie satin ribbon and lace around the back of the chair and cover the knot with a paper flower.

Tie a piece of lace ribbon to the chair back and cover the knots with single paper flowers and some greens (make sure you choose greens that won't wither quickly). 

You can also collect some twigs and tie these together with paper flowers and greens to the chair. Use lace ribbon or satin ribbon or go for a cost-saving option and use simple package string.

For this version we used thin nylon string instead of wire to tie the paper flowers together. Simply tie a range of flowers to the same string and then randomly tie this garland to the chair back. Play around with different ways to bring some variety into your reception look. 

Tie some ribbons to the back of the chair and cover the knot on one side with a small bunch of paper flowers (we used 4). 


  1. Beautiful! I really like the one with the lace and greenery, very rustic feeling! xx -b.


  2. I love this idea - so fun and feminine, perfect for my friend's wedding decor!

  3. this is so genius! simple and beautiful, i love it.

  4. Woo thanks for this DIY! Those are adorable

  5. i love these! i never liked streamers cus my roommates always decorate the place like a party just ended. Next time, i'll show them what real streamers can do! :) thank you so much for sharing these

  6. I love all things paper flowers, so this is perfect! thanks for sharing!

  7. wow!! It's very very good!!! :D

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