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We're snowed in here in Helsinki. Finally. I feel more at peace with myself and the world when everything around me is white and the snow muffles the city noises.

It would be such a beautiful time to get married. And there's a lot of added bonuses to a winter wedding. Not only can you usually get the venues and some other wedding services at lower costs during this time of the year, but you are also not "competing" with other weddings for your wedding guests like during the summer weekends.

To make the thought of a winter wedding a little tastier for all of you planning to get hitched this or next year, i dug up this lovely inspiration shoot by JL Designs (florals), Jessica Claire (photography), Jesi Haack (design) and Olive Hue Paper (stationery). I am loving the color choices - bold and strong hues on a vintage tabletop. So untypical for a winter wedding. We're used to seeing either soft winter hues (muted blues and all shades of whites, creams and greys) or a rustic color palette (browns and greens) in winter weddings. This inspiration shoot shows that you can have both: the fun colors and the cozy feeling.

My absolute favorite detail are the knit sweater sleeves used to cover vases, the bouquet stems and to give texture to the stationery. Such a great idea!

All images by Jessica Claire.

If you wanna see more of this shoot, head on over to JL Design's blog.


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