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We are loving casual, simple weddings. This Australian garden wedding photographed by Jonas Peterson and pretty much completely designed and handmade by the bride herself (seriously, such an awesome job!) is a perfect example of a simple and cozy, but perfectly dignified event. Wouldn't you just love to be invited to something like this?

Read and see more of this wedding on Once Wed and Jonas Peterson.

If you are planning a casual wedding for yourself and you want it to be laid back and relaxed, make sure to let your guests know in advance what kind of attire they should be wearing. Don't send out fancy invitations, but match the stationery style to set the tone for the casual wedding. Include a clear dress code including also what shoes to wear. Your female guests will thank you for it when they don't mess up their chic, expensive heels.

[Nämä kauniit australialais-häät ovat täysin morsiammen suunnittelemat ja toteuttamat. Lämminhenkiset takapihahäät ovat persoonalliset ja rennot, mutta kuitenkin erittäin juhlavat. Eikö olisi mahtvaa saaada kutsu tämänkaltaisiin häihin? Jos haluatte toteuttaa takapihahäät, muistakaa lähettää rennot, tilaisuuten sopivat kutsut. Ilmoittakaa vieraillenne myös pukukoodista, jotteivat varsinkaan naisvieraat pilaa kalliita korkojaan.

Nämä häät löydät sivuilta: Once Wed ja Jonas Peterson.

Takapihahäät, rennot häät, persoonalliset häät]


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