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During my vacation in NYC, I had this plan to take pictures of the most inspiring and fun window displays and shop decor. I did indeed take pictures here and there. But when I looked through them to pick my favorites, again, all my faves were by Anthropologie. Especially among all the flashy, big stuff they display in Manhattan, the windows of Anthropologie using everyday materials are such a breeze of fresh air.

This was my favorite window. I love that it's light and airy and oh so simple.

I stood and stared at this display inside the shop for quite a while. It's made entirely from cable binders. Can you get them in many different colors in the US? We only really have them in black and white here in Finland.

And this was awesome. Sorta fancy and crafty-chic at the same time. I'm not really sure what this is. Looked a lot like many lushly glittered circles cut out of old newspaper.

And here's some decor from another store: Free People on Smith Street in Brooklyn. Traditional holiday decor elements set up in a fun way. If you want some of this stuff for yourself (the large wooden spools!!), the sales girl there let me know that they sell their holiday decor after they take it down - so be quick before it's gone.

Sorry about the quality of that last set of pictures. I only snapped a few quick ones with my phone and posted them on instagram. But hey, speaking of that - follow us! You'll be the very first ones to sneak a peek into our new studio that we're renovating and furnishing this week.

Michaela on instagram: michaelaheylook
Lotta on instagram: lotta_heylook


[Ikkunasomisteet, joissa on käytetty milenkiintoisesti jokapäiväisiä elementtejä kuten nippusiteitä ja sanomalehteä, ovat ihana ja raikas tapa somistaa mielikuvituksellisesti. Michaela kävi New Yorkissa, joissa ikkunasomistukset ovat aivat eri tasolla kuin täällä Helsingissä. Eteenkin Anthropologien ikkunat jaksavat aina innostaa kauniilla ja mielikuvituksellisilla somistuksilla!

Jos käytät Instagramia, seuraa meitä! Remontoimme uutta studiotamme, seuraa sen edistymistä Instagrameissamme;

Michaela on instagram: michaelaheylook
Lotta on instagram: lotta_heylook ]


  1. LOVe these window treatments. Anthro has the best designers!!

  2. Nippusiteitä saa Suomesta eriväreissä ainakin Biltemasta ja varmaan jostain clasolssoniltakin...

  3. Always inspiring at Anthropologie! My first job out of art school was as a display coordinator for Anthro. A lot of work goes into those windows - it was a fun job =)

  4. Looks like you had a great time in NYC.

  5. Hoorah for instagram! isn't it the BEST? its the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning- I'm totally addicted.

  6. Anthropologie always has the best displays, both in the window and in the store!
    Merchandising (decorating) was part of my job when I worked in a chocolate shop and it was my absolute favourite! Through due to lack of fantastic materials it never looked as phenomenal as these displays!

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