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Only a few days left until the holidays! Are you all set? Have bought or made all gifts? Planned the Christmas dinner and decorated your place? We're still somewhat in the middle of it all. No real idea yet on what decorations to use on the dinner table or what drinks we'll be serving. If you're also in need of some inspiration for your dinner table setting, check out these two darling table scapes in traditional red.

This holiday table was created by Simply Bloom Photography. We're loving the light blue and red color scheme and the napkin bows. 

Brittany Stiles put together this lovely natural + red table setting. The glitter letters are so cute and bring a bit of extra sparkle to the table. And they would make a great last minute DIY to spice up your table scape. 


  1. just wanted to say that I love your blog and the inspirations you share. I've been following since before your re-brand and really enjoy all the beautiful things you share with us.
    Happy holidays to you!

    1. I love to do this type of setting of tables on next Christmas, I do really love to do these types of changes on any special event as Christmas, I want to recommend some changes if you don't mind me, so if want to listen it give me a piece of response

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  2. Siis ihanaa löytää teidän blogi!! Fantastinen! Kiitti! <3

  3. I can't pick a favorite!! They are both stunning!

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