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After these first months of working from our home offices and short term production spaces, we now have decided to move into our first very own workspace. And we were offered the most perfect place. In the beginning of January, we'll be moving in! We'd love to show you pictures already now, but since the space is still occupied, we can't. We will keep you updated about the progress and of course show you our ready studio in January.

For now, here's some of our inspiration.

Some awesome eclectic, but calm work spaces.
Sources from top left to bottom right: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Order vs creative chaos. I'm liking both equally. Guessing that our space will resemble the right picture most of the time though. Sources: left, right (decor8)

And here are two studios we love:

The awesome workspace of Bash Please, via Rue Mag.

And the studio of Poppies and Posies, via Brooklyn Bride.

We have so many ideas and can't wait to start setting up our new "home". Stay tuned to see the progress and some more inspiration during the next few months.


  1. Wow, your own studio! Can't wait to see photos :D

  2. Any space with plants and flowers always has a big thumbs up in my book! <3

  3. Work spaces need to be inspirational, creative and also convenient.

    If the place you're supposed to get creative at isn't creative, how is that going to help?
    I like the fact that those are not only pleasing to the eye but also have a way of organising the material. It's great to have your inspirational images wherever you look but you also need a bit of order to get your head straight!

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