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We've worked for a long time on putting together this rustic stationery suite. Mainly because the print house or any major paper producer working with print houses here in Finland couldn't supply the kind of paper / card stock we were looking for - soft, recycled paper with that typical look and texture. Finally we did find the right card stock ourselves and now have a stack stored at our print house. Just for you.

The stationery suite is ideal for casual, laid back weddings. If you need a bit more inspiration, we've gathered a few ideas for you right here.

Use the line for a rustic barn or outdoor wedding. Consider dark wood, textured linens, burlap, candles, foliage and wild flowers for your decor, lots and lots of rustic food with some good bottles of wine and relaxed atmosphere.

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Or go with a mediterranean theme. For your decor you can use olive branches and white flowers in baskets or wooden vessels, herbs and veggies arranged as centerpieces on fresh white table linens. Your venue could be anything from a green garden to an empty warehouse.

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The suite also is awesome in a simple and neutral setting. If you want to go completely simplistic, we can strip the illustrations off the cards for you.

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