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I have never seen an Anthropologie display in real life, but the images I bump into on the web regularly make me swoon. Amazing work. Clutters of materials hanging, glued to the ceiling or the walls, or arranged in piles - these windows are more art installations than simple sales displays. I'd love to create something like this someday.

Images via You Are My Fave, 2 Sisters Blog, Platinum Blonde Life on flickr

Images via Design*Sponge (top row), Green Wedding Shoes (bottom row)

Images via Green Wedding Shoes

Images via Mimi and Caca2 Sisters BlogBlack*Eiffel

Images via Mimi and CacaA Butterscotch SundaePlatinum Blonde Life on flickr

If that's not enough for you, you can check out more awesome window displays in Anthropologie's facebook gallery


  1. Haha I think my favorite is the walking the dog balloons and the paper chains. I love Anthro. It's nice being somewhat close to one too.

    - Sarah

  2. Inspiring to say the least.... love it!

  3. I love it! I love it! I love it!!!!


  4. I love your photo's they are amazing. It's not often I get to the bottom of a Blog without getting distracted. Im a huge fan of both photography, fashion and creative crafts so to me your stuff is amazing.

  5. Hey Vanessa, cheers for your kind words! The pictures in this post and in many other posts are not our own though (credits can always be found below pictures or in the post bottom - whenever there is not credit, the images are ours), however we do cherish good photography and choose the images for our posts carefully.

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