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Lace inspiration

1. Hey Look 2. Emilie Faif via The Art Room Plan 3. Hideminy/Etsy 4. Zoe Clark Cakes 5. Martha Stewart Weddings 6. My Bride Story via 100 Layer Cake (Photo: Jen Huang) 7. Hello, Friend (Photo: Christian Cruz) and Hope Feathers 8. Sparkle & Hay 9. Martha Stewart Weddings via Intimate Weddings


  1. Wow! it reminds me the wedding I went this weekend... everything full of love and creativity even in the little details!
    My dream: make the invitation and the decoration of a wedding

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  2. I am ALL about the lace. So lovely. Someone just recently posted a picture of lace shorts to wear and I fell in love (they were not see thru though haha) Excellent photos!

    - Sarah

    P. S.

    I just posted really cute pics of my daughters first birthday party and I'd love for you to check it out =)

  3. Love the blog! Leave mine so you can see my wall decals' collection: http://mapiurka.blogspot.com/
    Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  4. Lovely post, I really love the designs this is perfect for giveaway's on weddings.. the simple but very stylish design..

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