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Our past few days have been super-busy, so we haven't been able to post. Friday we were asked to decorate a crayfish party on Hotel Kämp's Brasserie terrace. Since this is one of the best hotels in Helsinki, a traditional crayfish party decor was out of question (just put "rapujuhlat" into google image search and you'll understand why). So, we put together a subtle decor setting using golds, blacks, reds and greens instead of the traditional red & white. 

We created large hanging attention pieces by spray painting crayfish wells/traps golden and nestling candles and flower arrangements with red blooms and dill into them. They worked perfectly in the space and gave it a festive and elegant crayfish party feel. The tables were decorated with black lanterns & golden candles, red glass votive holders, little golden crabs and improvised little dill bouquets.

All images by Hey Look

Somistimme viime perjantaina kulta-punaiset rapujuhlat Kämp Brasserielle. Somistuksen inspiraatio lähti kalastussumpuista ja värimaailmasta. Kokonaisuudesta tuli onnistunut ja kaunis. Hyvää rapujuhlakautta kaikille!


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