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How was your week? We've been busy (Lotta) and ill (Michaela), so today you only get our top 2 picks of the week. But they are truly amazing. One comes from Tuscany, Italy and the other is inspired by Arabian days. A relaxing weekend to everybody!

Such a pretty Tuscany wedding: Once Wed captured by Jill Thomas. Love The florals and the relaxed atmosphere.

Arabian days inspiration shoot: Canvas and Conopy via 100 Layer Cake captured by Jose Villa. Such a breath-taking shoot! Pure perfection. Love the table deco, but check out the entire beautiful post.

[Perjantain suosikit. Tällä viikolla rakastuimme Arabiahenkisiin inspiraatiokuvauksiin ja Toscanalaisiin häihin. Ihanaa viikonloppua!]