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Summer is almost over, but why not hold on to those last sunny days and warm nights and throw a little fiesta?! We've curated a few easy and affordable ideas + some beautiful inspiration for your party.

Check out all the colorful decor details and amazing photography by Jose Villa at this wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. Jill La Fleur really did a superb job in event styling here!

Gorgeous table decor and margarita cupcakes (!) - Inspiration shoot on Green Wedding Shoes (photography by This Modern Romance)

Summer fiesta ideas by the super-talented Ashley Meaders for Design*Sponge. Photography by Our Labor of Love.

DIY fiesta decor Martha Stewart style. Super-easy, affordable and pretty!

More decor DIY tutorials:
Left - Jordan Ferney's fringey streamers on Oh Happy Day
Right - my fringey monogram DIY I made for Oh Happy Day a while back

Piñatas! Of course. 
1 - Mini piñatas by Confetti System for J.Crew
2 - Mini Piñata tutorial on Ruffled, 3 & 4 - Piñata tutorial on Giddygiddy

Try some home-made mexican Sangria! Recipe by Jose Villa and Joel Serrato for Design*Sponge. Images by Mr Villa

Now go craft, create, eat, drink and have fun!


  1. Gorgeous! What a fabulous round up! I love a good summer fiesta! YAY fringe!!

  2. I agree...why not savor the last few weeks of summer?!?! Great job curating these images! :)

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