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Boutonnieres can be made of anything from flowers to small toys. Make them fit to your wedding's theme, colors and to the groom's and groomsmen's style. You can find a large range of different handmade boutonnieres on etsy and any local florist will be able to custom make some for your occasion. But if you'd like to make it really personal and invest a little bit of time, you can easily make them yourself, too (find some tutorial links here). Here are a few examples on pretty, cute and creative boutonnieres.

From top left to bottom right:
Rose & newspaper: Style me Pretty (Photo Yvonne-Wong)
Feathers via Style Me Pretty (Photo: Simple Photo)
Yellow & green: Grey Likes Weddings
Picture boutonniere via Bridal Snob
Pink & black: Bash Please (Photo: Raya Carlisle)
Peach colored billy buttons: Forget Me Knot Weddings (Photo: Axiom photo Studio)
White floral boutonnieres Once Wed (Photo: Jose Villa)
Succulents: Style Me Pretty (Photo: Kate Osborne Photography)
Vintage elements: The Collectiones (Photo: Ashley Maxwell)
Feathers and mini-flowers: The Collectiones (Photo: Max Wanger)

[Hää-inspiraatio: sulhasen viehe. Viehe voi olla muutakin kuin kukkia. Inspiroidu esimerkeistämme.]


  1. What a fun collection! I am loving the feathered boutonnieres best.

  2. Last Saturday I was in my sister-in-law's wedding. The groom and the ring boy had brooches instead of boutonnieres, made of succulents and silver wire. I really loved the look and it fit perfectly with the bouquet and the bride's head piece. You can check out the look here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/miss_ikomi/5950039500/in/photostream/

    Your collection of boutonnieres is lovely. I'm so happy people don't think so traditionally anymore and just have flowers, but have a personal take on the boutonnieres. My favourite of these is definitely the one in the end with buttons and that old key. Awesome!

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  9. Crafting boutonnieres for your wedding allows personalization to match themes and styles. Explore handmade options on Etsy or consult a local florist. Get creative or DIY with helpful tutorials. Examples provided showcase beauty and uniqueness.
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