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We've got some fun stuff coming up in the next weeks and months. Firstly, we've been working on a range of wedding and event stationery suites that we'll be selling in our to-be-established little online shop. Additionally we'll be offering some other accessories and props. Secondly, to kick things off, we'll be giving away a custom wedding invitation design to one lucky bride to be on a Finnish wedding blog (you'll get translations, don't worry). Stay tuned - we'll be posting about it here too and link you to the giveaway.

For now, we'll give you a little preview to one stationery suite that Lotta designed - and some inspiration on what your matching wedding could look like.

Wedding stationery suite: Hey Look
1 via Shannon Fricke
2 via A Creative Mint
3 via To Be Charmed
4 via To Be Charmed
5 via Lake Jane
6 Portland to Peonis (Photo Jill Thomas)
7 via The Sweetest Occasion
8 Once Wed (Photo Jonas Peterson)
9 Once Wed (photo Erin Hearts Court )
10 Nine Cakes
11 Once Wed (Photo Lisa Lefkowitz)
12 Style Me Pretty (Photo KT Merry)

And to all of you: what wedding stationery designs have you been on the look out for? Is there anything you'd love to use, but simply haven't found yet? Just let us know and we'll possibly add it to our range. Cheers!

[Hooray Love kutsusarja ja inspiraatiotaulu. Teimme hääkutsusarjan, jonka ympärille rakensimme inspiraatiokuvasarjan. Kysy lisää mikäli etsit hääkutsuja!]


  1. I love how you organize your inspiration boards!!! What program do you use? Illustrator? Photoshop?

    Fan of your blog! I'm glad I found it :)


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